Heating Clothing

Maxim is the largest distributor of Heated Clothing in all of North Texas. We sell more Gerbing Heated clothing than anyone else and there is a reason why. Our resident experts ensure that you have a perfect fit in all your Gerbing heated clothing. Plus they make sure that you fully understand the operation of your Gerbing Heated Clothing so that every ride is as comfortable as we can make it.

At Maxim we offer Gerbing heated clothing for the comfort of our riding customers. Gerbing heated clothing, jacket liners, gloves, pants and insoles are powered by the same 12 volt system that runs the lights and other equipment on your motorcycle. The Gerbing Core Heat clothing line provides adjustable heat for any outdoor activity. Designed for a wide range of outdoor activities including motorcycle and snowmobile riding, Gerbing’s heated clothing keeps you warm with the simple push of a button. Stay comfortable with Gerbing line of accessories including “Y: splitters, power chords and thermostats.

The Gerbing name is synonymous with riding comfort and protection. Heated clothing turns a bone chilling morning into a beautiful ride. Don't leave home without the comfort of Gerbing heated jacket liners, gloves or heated insoles. Gerbing makes a great ride better.

For the past three decades, Gordon Gerbing has continued to expand and refine the concept of electricly heated clothing that changes the way people ride. The original concept of electricly heated clothing has truly changed the way people ride, offering comfort even as temperatures drop. Gordon Gerbing's commitment to provide exceptional, innovative products and the highest customer service is our focus at Maxim. We are proud to be the largest volume Gerbing electric clothing dealer in all of North Texas. Maxim offers high quality Gerbing products that genuinely improve the riding experiences of our customers.

The Gerbing line of heated clothing is a must have for any type of motorcycle touring or cold weather riding. Even in Summer, the higher elevations are down right cold in the morning. Why ride with your teeth chattering and your toes numb? Gerbing heated jackets keep you warm with electric heat generated by your bike's electrical system. Our Gerbing electric jackets and pants are powered by the 12 V electrical system of a vehicle with a simple connection to the vehicle's battery or 12 V accessory outlet. Electric heat replaces layers and layers of bulky clothing.

Electric clothing such as Gerbing heated jackets, Gerbing heated pants, Gerbing heated gloves and even Gerbing heated boots replace a huge pile of bulky sweaters, vests, jackets and scarves. Just think of all the room you will have in your luggage when you replace all those bulky cold weather clothes for a light and compact Gerbing electric jacket, pants, gloves and boots.

Some of our most popular Gerbing's clothing are shown below. Come on in and get the right size for your next cold weather ride.

Gerbing Jacket Liner

Gerbing world renowned, award winning, core heat 12 motorcycle jacket liner uses micro-wire heating pads with thermostats for even heat performance and safety. Their liners are designed to fit close to the body and easily under your outerwear so you can roll in your favorite riding gear, longer and in more conditions than ever before.

The Coreheat12 Thermovelocity System is powered by a simple connection to your motorcycle's DC power system. A combination of Gerbing's patented micro-wire heating technologies in conjunction with the 12 volt electrical system on your motorcycle keeps you warm at speed.

Optional Gerbing 12V Core Heat Flex Pack Kit available and inserts directly into back pocket providing mobile power to your Gerbing's jacket liner, pant liner and gloves (Sold Separately).


  • Heating pads on the chest, back, collar, and sleeves. 
  • Improved ribbing at the waist and cuffs. 
  • YKK Zippers 
  • Thermal resistors installed on each individual heating pad as a solenoid  to eliminate hot spots and overheating. 
  • Includes battery harness 
  • Max Heat: 135°F @ 77W
  • Power: 12V DC 6.4 Amp
  • Minirip shell
  • Taffeta lining 
  • Made in the USA
  • 1 year warranty
T5 Glove

Designed for riders who want core heat 12 gloves with maximum flexibility. The T5's feature ergonomic finger design for flexibility, easily adjustable wrist cinch straps with velcro closure and wear resistant palms with full bone impact padding. On-cuff heat control keeps you in control and OPTIONAL built-in 12 volt power cells keep you warm while you are off your machine.