Maxim Rides

Join Maxim for The Ride For Kids - October 8th 2017
This will be the last Maxim group ride event of the year. We gather at Maxim Honda Yamaha and ride out together as a group to take part in the Ride for Kids charity run. This is an escorted ride through North Texas.

What Is The Ride For Kids?
The Ride for Kids program is a national series of motorcycle rides that supports the work of the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. Their mission is to eliminate the challenges of childhood brain tumors by funding medical research and family support programs. Approximately 28,000 people in the United States are living with the diagnosis of a pediatric brain tumor, with 13 more children diagnosed each day.

When Ride for Kids began in 1984, the diagnosis of a child's brain tumor was a virtual death sentence. Because there was very little research being done into the disease, treatments were ineffective or harsh, and most children did not survive to adulthood. Since then, motorcyclists have helped the PBTF change that reality. Their efforts have made The Ride For Kids the world's largest non-governmental fund provider for pediatric brain tumor research.

From developing improved treatment options to offering college scholarships to brain tumor survivors, Ride for Kids is dedicated to making a difference in children's lives. You will get to meet these great kids as we ride together and you will know that your donations are all for a very worthy cause. Make plans to join us this year.